Who makes up the That Bytes team?

That Bytes Computer Repair is a Family-owned, Veteran-owned local business that recently started in south Austin.  Combined, the technicians have over 25 years of professional experience and much more than that just tinkering around.

Like all true technicians, we do this because we enjoy working with computers and technology.  Unlike the DOT.COM types who got into computers for the money, we've been playing with computers and electronics from a young age simply for fun.  We've spent time using our skills to help people while working for other companies.  Now we want to cut out the middle man to bring our expertise to the masses.  This is how we can offer such low prices.  Right now our shop is small so our costs are low.  That's why we can provide high quality service for a low rate.  We're not going to get rich from this, just offer an honest service for a fair price.

Want to see more?  Just check out our video:

On-site Service

Wireless signal

Some things just take a lot of time to complete, and for those types of repairs (virus removal especially) we recommend bringing your system to us. But for some issues, you need someone to visit and work on-site in your home or business.  We can help you there!

For Home/Small Business networks (new or existing), Internet connection issues, printing problems, VOIP phone systems, or initial installation and setup of your spiffy, new computer, we'll be more than happy to come to you.

Or, if you're just not comfortable disconnecting and reconnecting the many cables on your computer, we offer a pick-up and drop-off service for just $60 (total) in our local service area.  We'll make sure it's carefully disconnected, thoroughly repaired, and neatly reinstalled so you can get back to having fun!

Our Standard Housecall rate is $100/hr. (1-hour minimum) with at least 24-hours advance notice.  And just $150/hr. for same-day/next-day service (less than 24-hours advance notice), weekends and holidays (subject to technician availability).

Just remember, if you're having computer problems,


We can help!


For In-Shop Service, we offer some of the best rates around.  $60/hr. for In-Shop work (1/2 hr min.)  Most jobs are charged between 1-2 hours and we bill in 1/4 hr. increments.  Mac or PC, it doesn't matter, we can handle it.

For example, if it takes 45 minutes of labor to fix, that's only $45.  And, if your computer is completing a long process (virus scan, software installation, download, etc), you're not charged for 'bench time'.

If you need it extra fast, we offer an EXPRESS service for $90/hr. for when your problems just can't wait.  The work is often begun the same day you bring in your computer.

Some jobs are very common so we've set standard rates for them to make everything easier:

- Virus removal:  $120-$180
- Clean installation of Windows:  $120-$180
- DC jack repair:  $100-$150 (resoldering the jack back to the motherboard, parts extra)

Of course there are exceptions to every rule.  If your repair is extra difficult and requires more work, we'll contact you before going over the agreed amount.  At the same time, if it's really easy, we'll charge you less.  It's only fair!

We can fix just about any problem.  In addition to the above, these are other services we offer:

- Data Recovery
- Software Installation
- Laptop and Desktop hardware repair

- Windows Problems:
-  Won't boot
- Blue Screen
- Error Messages
- No Internet

If your problem isn't listed here, give us a call and I'm sure we can help.

Just remember, if you're having computer problems,


We can help!


Broken Computer

That Bytes! Computer Repair has parts to fit YOUR computer!


Acer, Dell, HP/Compaq, IBM, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, and many other brands and styles.

Give us a call to see if we have one for YOU!



Hyundai 19" Widescreen Monitor

Just $119

(Sold Out)


Dell 19" 4:3 Monitor

Just $69

Viewsonic 15" 4:3 Monitor

Just $49

Wireless LAN Adapters - $29

Bluetooth Adapters - $29

External Hard Drives - $69 (2.5"/500Gb)

Routers - $65 (Buffalo)

Laptop Cooling Pads - $19

5-Port Network Switches - $19

Laptop Carrying Case - $29

Keyboard/Mouse Combo - $29 (Logitech/PS2)

Desktop/Monitor Power Cables - $6

Stock varies.  Please call for availability.