Who makes up the That Bytes team?

That Bytes Computer Repair is a Family-owned, Veteran-owned local business that recently started in south Austin.  Combined, the technicians have over 25 years of professional experience and much more than that just tinkering around.

Like all true technicians, we do this because we enjoy working with computers and technology.  Unlike the DOT.COM types who got into computers for the money, we've been playing with computers and electronics from a young age simply for fun.  We've spent time using our skills to help people while working for other companies.  Now we want to cut out the middle man to bring our expertise to the masses.  This is how we can offer such low prices.  Right now our shop is small so our costs are low.  That's why we can provide high quality service for a low rate.  We're not going to get rich from this, just offer an honest service for a fair price.

Want to see more?  Just check out our video: