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When I first got on the web, I always found it dubious when sites had reviews posted.  There's nothing to say they just didn't make those reviews up so when we created That Bytes! we didn't intend to post our own reviews.  Other sites such as Yelp and Google Places have independent reviews which are submitted by actual clients.  Well apparently Yelp has this policy where they filter reviews.  Coincidentally, they also have a pay service where you get to manage your Yelp site and there are a number of companies out there in the same boat as us.  They have a lot of positive reviews and most if not all get filtered when you don't agree to sign up for Yelp's services.

So, since our Yelp reviews are all legitimate despite what Yelp thinks, I'm going to post them here so they can actually be seen.  If you want to see them on the original site, click the link and scroll down to the bottom.  There, in small plain text, you'll find "Read Filtered Reviews" which you then have to verify you're a real person to do.  Way to make it easy and helpful Yelp!

That Bytes on Yelp

Without further ado, here are the reviews:

5 Filtered Reviews for That Bytes Computer Repair

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Photo of Jodi W. reviews
  • Jodi W.; Austin, TX  5 stars 7/16/2011

When my computer crashed I decided to take it to this new local shop. Lance checked out my computer and, after hearing what he had to say, I decided to leave it in his knowledgeable hands.  It turned out my hard drive died along with some other issues. Lance called me almost daily to give me an update on the progress of my computer. It took a bit longer than we anticipated as he had to get the system recovery disks from HP.

When I got my computer back I found it to be working much better than before and was incredibly impressed with the personable service and very fair price I paid. I hope my computer stays in perfect shape from here on out, but if not I certainly know I'll go back to That Bytes for a fix.

Photo of vic g. review
  • vic g.; Austin, TX  5 stars 6/8/2011

Quick, quality service with a smile. They went out of the way to bring my 5 yr. old desktop back from the dead. Gave me a few repair options to choose from. Charged only for work I asked for and cost was very reasonable. Machine works great again. None of the typical "I am better than you" attitude I felt from other shops. Convenient South Austin location. It was only by a happy accident that I found this place. Now they are the "go to" pros that I would highly recommend.

Photo of Louise W. review

this is a great shop, austin owned and operated.  they speak english with a little geek thrown in, never enough to make a non-geek feel dumb.pricing is flexible - and when they say they take viruses off for $89.99 you are getting what other shops might price out as $300 or so.  i've worked with Ken, Lance and Jude and would nominate one and all for Computer Saint-hood.

Photo of nico b. reviews
  • nico b.; Austin, TX  5 stars 5/9/2011

they (ken) fixed my g5 and worked with me on the pricing. highly recommend them! thanks, ken!

Photo of Frank U. review

My dad used this business first for his laptop and surprise surprise I needed service.  These guys are GREAT!  Cleaned up the 2 systems in about 48 hours and they are smoking now, all at a very resonable price.  Do NOT waste your time and money at the big boxes if you live anywhere near South Austin.

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